The Sales Foundations

Module 6 - Creating a Customer Journey

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Customer Journey, it is as important as your prospect and lead development! 

It has been well documented that the cost of retaining a customer is significantly lower than sourcing and converting a new one. So, why do so many salespeople neglect to look after the contracts that have been won? 

Ensuring you are communicating and nurturing a relationship through from introduction to conversion - and beyond - is an absolute core skill of a successful salesperson. This 30minute module will help you identify the routes and actions you can take to create, develop and enable a successful customer journey so that they not only buy from you - they stay with you. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • What is a Customer Journey and why is it an Essential Element in your Sales Toolkit
  • How to Develop a Customer Journey 
  • Bringing your Customer Journey to Life
  • Reviewing and Evolving your CX