Meet the Team

Jessica Williams, Founder and Managing Director

I launched Just Williams Ltd in 2015 to provide a solution to the age-old issues of hiring, training, managing and retaining sales professionals. Sales professionals come at a great cost to a small business yet to drive growth and enter the next phase, increasing sales, developing sales processes, structures and overall foundations, it is an essential one.

In 2019 we created The Just Williams Sales Academy to create an entry level for all Sales Professionals. Having trained over 1000 delegates, most of which during a pandemic, the JWSA acknowledged a real need in the market for effective, accessible Sales Training and so we developed our platform; the online Just Williams Sales Academy. 

In 2019 I was appointed as a NED to Darlington Building Society in 2019 as the youngest ever Non-Executive Director to serve on a Building Society board. Sitting on BRCC and RemCo Committees I am proud to serve our regional Building Society and its members.

Inclusion, support and raising aspirations are all things I am passionate about and have helped raise and gift in excess of £25,000 to local and national causes over the last six years; as well as working as a mentor to other business owners and young people across the North East. 

Away from the business I am a real 'foodie', I love being active and often take on physical challenges such as the Lyke Wake Walk to raise funds for causes close to my heart. I enjoy being with my friends and family and firmly believe in the benefits of striving for a work-life balance. 

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Emma McDonald, Head of Delivery

I joined Just Williams Ltd in 2019 and knew right away that this was a very special place to be. Feeling the energy and seeing the potential of the business and the impact it could have; I knew this was a great place to be. 

Shortly after joining the initial workings of the Academy began to form; we knew that there was a real opportunity to help professionalise the sales industry through robust training that not only brought up and levelled standards in sales but also bring people together. And so, the original Academy was born. The Covid-19 lockdown took us online with webinars and panel events that grew in popularity and engagement and it was from here the vision for what is now reality, the online Just Williams Sales Academy, was created. 

My background is fairly eclectic - from third sector and income generation, to working with an internationally-acclaimed business; but always with a core in Marketing and Communications. I love people; and how they engage with each other. I love being able to help articulate their incredible stories and use different platforms to unify messages and reach people. 

Away from the business I am a real film fan, have a passion for terrible jokes and of course; my loved ones. But my core beliefs revolve entirely around honesty and respect and I like to think that making a difference counts!

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