The Journey


The Just Williams Sales Academy has been born out of necessity; of seeing the landscape of Sales peak and trough in reputation and skill base. And whilst Sales has always been a ‘dirty word’ to many, what we see is a profession that opens doors, grows businesses and nurtures opportunities in all their guises.

Throughout my entire career I’ve worked in some variation of Sales – from my early years in Banking and Finance, to The Entrepreneur’s Forum. It became evident that the traditional sales model needed shaking up; businesses needed specific support in developing skills – or outsource them. In 2015 I completed an Executive MBA with a specialism in Sales Psychology and halfway through decided to take the plunge and set up Just Williams which ran as a sales consultancy company in its infancy. Over time the demand for a tailored, targeted and empathic approach to selling became incredibly popular and I evolved the business and its operating model. Scaling a service-based business, (especially one with your name on) is a pretty challenging feat but we grew, won awards, adapted and evolved. 

Today, Just Williams has become a thriving Sales and Marketing organisation and along with my specialist team, I deliver bespoke solutions to clients across a huge range of sectors – and I love it. Seeing how Sales and Salespeople operate in different businesses over the past six years has given me incredible insight into the workings and importantly – the gaps – of the modern sales professional.

In late 2019 we launched The Just Williams Sales Academy, hosting face to face training and reverting to webinars as the pandemic hit in 2020. Training 1500 individuals online and face to face over 18 months has led to the official launch of the online Just Williams Sales Academy. 

Times are changing. The Office of National Statistics now recognises Sales as a standalone profession in its research; this is a huge leap forward in professionalising the industry and with organisations looking to work much leaner in their functionality and outlay; staff are constantly required to upskill to stay current in their roles. The Just Williams Sales Academy has been designed with both individuals and organisations in mind. Our unique offering of individual modules and longer, more in-depth courses have been created with real-world knowledge, skills and ultimately authenticity at their hearts.

At The Just Williams Sales Academy, we have lived and breathed what we offer our learners. Our content is adapted from years in the profession, delivering client successes across a huge range of industries and now we want you to become part of the next generation of Sales Professionals as we work to eradicate the stigma, and empower ethical and impactful selling.

I look forward to welcoming you to The Just Williams Sales Academy.

- Jessica