The Sales Foundations

Module 5 - Networking Essentials

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For some it fills people with dread, for others it's an amazing opportunity to grow, learn and develop - and becoming the latter is made much easier with our module, Networking Essentials. 

In this module you will learn about the different ways to network effectively - whether that be face to face, virtually or on channels such as LinkedIn. Networking is about relationships and communication, this module will help you make the most of your time in any room with key skills in planning and knowing which network works best for you. 

We believe in maximising your time in any networking environment, this module will help you identify the difference between 'networks' and 'networking' so that you get what you need from every room you enter, in the right way. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Networking know-how
  • How to develop a two-way network
  • Types of networking
  • The importance of planning ahead
  • Basic skills required to be a Top Networker