The Sales Foundations

Scrutinising Sales

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How often are we truly honest with ourselves about our sales knowledge and techniques? Are they 'up to date'? Are they effective? Are there others ways to do this?

This module will help you press pause on your activities to really assess how well they are working; or, equip you with the learning to start new and in the most effective way. Scrutinising Sales is just that, is a module designed to filter out the noise of every day life and help you assess processes and opportunities you can develop in your sales activities. 

Focusing on key themes such as SWOT analysis, omnichannel approaches to sales, IDP and how to move from a singular to multidisciplinary ideologies; Scrutinising Sales is the key starting point for any sales training and personal development. This is 'Year Dot', this is the beginning - this is where your sales growth improves from.