The Sales Foundations

Module 1 - Account Management & Retention

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Discover the Power of Account Management & Retention with The Just Williams Sales Academy

Wondering about the distinction between Account Management and Retention? Unlock the secrets to decisive action and effective processes in this engaging module from The Just Williams Sales Academy. Designed to tailor-fit your business, this course provides invaluable insights into creating a robust Account Management process and a winning Retention Strategy essential for sales success. Join us for a 30-minute session packed with strategies on account management, customer journey creation, and the all-important CPA (cost per acquisition).

Did you know that it costs between 2 and 10 times more to acquire new clients compared to retaining existing ones? Arm yourself with the tools not just to manage your accounts but also to retain them successfully.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the significance of a Customer Journey in your sales toolkit
  2. Master the art of developing a Customer Journey
  3. Bring your Customer Journey to life with practical implementation techniques
  4. Learn how to review and evolve your Customer Experience (CX) for continued success

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your Account Management and Retention skills. Enroll in our online sales training course, "Account Management & Retention," today and reap the rewards of long-term customer satisfaction and business growth.