Mentoring & Inhouse Training

Mentoring is a powerful tool. 

In Sales, having a mentor can help quiet the noise, offer direction and support as well as impart key skills and knowledge that is otherwise unobtainable. 

Our Founder, Jessica Williams, has extensive experience of working in and around the world of Sales. Guiding, developing, and delivering a range of services and strategic support to a wide range of individuals and organisations, Jessica has developed a keen eye and ear that can be indispensable whether you are just starting out in business, or have been in role some time. 

The key to successful sales mentorship is the ability to be open and communicative to the individual's needs. Our mentoring sessions can give you the opportunity to develop new business, target areas to explore or articulate and resolve challenges in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.  Your sessions can be what you need them to be, we are flexible, supportive and here for you. 

Sales mentoring sessions cost just £95 per hour (plus VAT) and are hosted online.

Mentoring Programme

For a more structured, or team approach, our Mentoring Programme is a popular option. Each programme operates in 3 month blocks with an initial consultation and three one to one sessions over a 3 month period with a clear set of objectives from the outset and monitored deliverables by the participant.

Venue:  Online – Teams

Date: Initial Consultation followed by Monthly Times booked at the outset and final session

Time: One Hour slots pre booked

Cost: £495.00 plus VAT

Learning Objectives: To be defined at the Induction and monitored throughout.






Induction – Objective Setting Session

Online or

Face to Face

One Hour


Line Manager

Mentoring Session One


One Hour


Mentoring Session Two


One Hour


Mentoring Session Three and Review


One Hour



Session Overview


Objective Review 

Review of previous session and any actions set

Wins / Better Next Time 

Key Section on specific Learning Objectives identified 

Action plan for the Month Ahead 

Close and AOB


Each session will follow the same agenda and be tailored to suit the individuals needs and requirements. Dates for training are agreed at the outset and diary invitations sent. 72 hours notice is required to amend any sessions, missed sessions will not be able to be rebooked due to time allocated.

If you would like to discuss sales mentoring in more detail please contact for more information. 



Train an effective team inhouse.

Do you have a team in place, but want to upskill, onboard, or refresh their sales skills as a group? 

We know teams work best when they are unified, when they all share knowledge and the same vision - especially in sales and customer service. We have a proven track record in bringing teams together, refreshing or training skills, and many teams come back to us for quarterly or annual refresher days too. 

Whatever your team looks like, we can help support your development goals with a day designed to suit your individual and business objectives. Each team is different, so each inhouse training session is too, we can come to you or host your group in a neutral space too - it's up to you. Talk to us today and let us support, develop and grow your teams. 

(Geographical limits apply).

Team training - this photo shows a group of learners from a business in a classroom setting around white tables looking at Jessica Williams leading the training.