Mentoring is a powerful tool. 

In Sales, having a mentor can help quiet the noise, offer direction and support as well as impart key skills and knowledge that is otherwise unobtainable. 

Our Founder, Jessica Williams, has extensive experience of working in and around the world of Sales. Guiding, developing, and delivering a range of services and strategic support to a wide range of individuals and organisations, Jessica has developed a keen eye and ear that can be indispensable whether you are just starting out in business, or have been in role some time. 

The key to successful sales mentorship is the ability to be open and communicative to the individual's needs. Our mentoring sessions can give you the opportunity to develop new business, target areas to explore or articulate and resolve challenges in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.  Your sessions can be what you need them to be, we are flexible, supportive and here for you. 

Sales mentoring sessions cost just £95 per hour (plus VAT) and are hosted online. If you would like to discuss sales mentoring in more detail please contact for more information.