Time and money are two of our most scarce commodities - so when you are looking to continue your professional development, these can often stand in your way. 

Not here at The Just Williams Sales Academy.

Throughout 2023 we are excited to host a series of completely free webinars for anyone to attend! Tackling key topics every month, you can choose to join one, a few - or all of them. We have spent time carefully crafting each webinar to make sure that not only are they engaging and relevant - they are useful in the "real world" too. 

Far too often we speak to people who have accessed sales training that they simply cannot employ in their actual day-to-day activities, so designed to complement our course of online modules; our Webinar series will give each attendee access to content that can be taken away and actually actioned. 

Bookings will launch very soon, so keep your eyes open, or email jessica@thejustwilliamssales.academy to hear about our launch information. 

Here are our upcoming topics: 

Managing Metrics - how to establish KPIs and manage them.

Retention – how to retain customers and create Brand Ambassadors.

Creating Client Profiles - understanding who your target audience is.

New Business Development – how to create new opportunities in a crowded market.

Roundtable Q&A – bring your questions to us!

Diversification – how to enter new markets with an existing product or service.

Successful Sales Mindset - mindset matters, how to keep motivated and stay positive during challenging negotiations.

Imposter Syndrome - how to challenge your own inner critic.

The Top Books / Podcasts and listens for Sales Professionals - review of key books, podcasts and list of ones to listen to.

Closing Deals - how and when to close a deal – the art of negotiation.

Christmas Collaboration – share your sales wins and learn best practices.